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  • Living wages in practice

    This study focuses on the case study of organic avocados from Kenya. Eosta partnered with one of their Kenyan exporters to map the supply chain and research current wages.

  • Towards a living wage in the agri-food sector

    The Dutch NGOs Hivos and Fairfood launched the Living Wage Lab in November 2015. The goal was to help companies and other stakeholders in the agri-food sector in finding solutions to achieve living wages in their supply chains. Two years later – after a series of sessions – it’s time for some reflection. In this publication we look back at the first two years of the Living Wage Lab. We speak with the involved stakeholders, discuss living wage projects and look towards the future.

  • Creating shared value in the rose supply chain

    The Dutch social enterprise True Price conducted a study to explore how to close the living wage gap involving the entire rose supply chain.