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About Living Wage Lab

The Living Wage Lab is a platform for co-creation and experimentation: just like in a laboratory we test ideas and combinations to develop new ideas and prototypes to address the living wage issue. Solutions are found in new technologies, new policies, new business models, and other forms of collaboration. A wide array of stakeholders participate in the Lab; producers, retailers, government, trade unions, NGOs, certification bodies and research institutes.

The Living Wage Lab provides a platform to exchange insights on best practices and lessons learned, develop tools to get started with implementing living wage, and support each other in the set up of projects to implement living wage.

Change Lab-approach

The Living Wage Lab follows the approach of a so called Change Lab: it provides space for a variety of stakeholders to explore and experiment and work together to find solutions for an urgent and complex problem. A Change Lab is being used when there is no solution or best practice readily available, when more than one expert is required to address the problem, and where there is no formal authority owning the problem, process and/or solution.

Our lab process is designed to create a conducive environment for trust building and problem-solving. We move through five phases, which are fluid and flexible: defining, exploring, connecting, testing and unleashing.