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Living wages in the agri-food sector

The Living Wage Lab brings together Netherlands-based producers, retailers and other stakeholders in the agri-food sector to develop and experiment with innovative ways to realize a living wage for the workers in their supply chains. Hivos and Fairfood launched the Lab because low wages are a persistent problem in the agri-food sector and cannot be solved by individual companies alone. It is a platform for co-creation and experimentation; and just like in a laboratory, new ideas, tools and prototypes are developed to address the living wage issue. Because a fairer distribution of value in production chains is vital for poverty alleviation.

The Lab brings
stakeholders together
to develop innovative ways
to realize living wages

What is a living wage?

A living wage is just enough to cover the basic needs. This means enough money to buy nutritious food and water, pay for a house, medical care, transport and education, and have some savings for unexpected events. Many people working in the agri-food supply chains do not earn a living wage, and therefore cannot provide these basic necessities.

Earning a living wage
enables workers
to meet their basic needs

Photo credit: Fairfood