Living Wage & Income Lab

Together navigating the road to living wages and incomes

6 years of connecting different actors in international agri-food trade around one goal: erasing poverty from global value chains.

What we do

Towards a decent standard of living
for all

The Living Wage & Income Lab brings together producers, retailers, government officials and other stakeholders from the agri-food sector. Together, we develop and experiment with innovative ways to realise a living wage and income for everyone in global food supply chains.

The Lab was launched because we see low wages are a persistent problem in the agri-food sector. This issue cannot be solved by individual companies alone. Therefore, The Lab is a platform for co-creation and experimentation. Through panel talks, discussions and sharing lessons from the field, we look into solutions and build new partnerships.

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About the Lab's participants,
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For who is the Lab?

For everyone who is in some way involved in agri-food production, and wants to do better.

Who are we?

The Lab is being run by the Dutch NGO Fairfood, and is built on the contributions of its participants.

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Read up on the best take-outs of previous Lab sessions

Important takeaways, best discussions and a look back at lessons from the field that were shared by presenters.

A path to living income products in supermarkets: Superunie, Colruyt and Impact Institute

Integrating living income interventions into coffee-buying practices

Save the Date: June 20th Session – A Prelude to World of Coffee

Spotlight on...

Learning from each other: Share what you know

As to not reinvent the wheel, we invite different agri-food actors to the stage to share what they’ve learned so far. During the 5-year celebration of the Lab, Trabocca talked about their journey towards living incomes for coffee farmers.

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