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Integrating living income interventions into your coffee-buying practices

Save the Date: June 20th Session – A Prelude to World of Coffee

The Lab in 2-minutes: What’s driving the discussion in 2024?

High prices, living incomes and the future of cocoa: a peek into our Amsterdam Cocoa Week session

Bringing the Lab to Chocoa 2024

Backing up your living wage and income project with quality data 

Join us in December: Elevate your living wage project with quality data

A path to living income products in supermarkets: Superunie, Colruyt and Impact Institute

Paying a Living Income Reference Price: Insights from Fairtrade Original, ACPCU, and Johnny Cashew

To be a price giver or a price taker? Lessons from the tea sector by Rainforest Alliance, THIRST, and Frank About Tea

DISCO, B Lab and Trabocca on joint efforts to improve farmers’ incomes

Efficient marketing strategies for sustainable products: Learn from Fairphone, Bionext Organics and others

3 lessons on paying farmers a fair price from Tony’s Chocolonely, Fairtrade Original, Eosta and Oxfam

The lab is back: Picking up from where we left off

5 years of Living Wage Lab celebrated

Lab Session #17 – The impact of COVID-19 on horticulture workers (webinar)

ALIGN: a guidance tool for living wages and incomes

Lab Session #16 – Presentation of ALIGN

Lab Session #15 – How to communicate living income

Lab Session #14 – Strategies to assess living wage gaps

Lab Session #13 – Paying out a living wage as one of multiple buyers

Lab Session #12 – First steps towards Living Wage Tool

Lab Session #11 – Living wage dialogue along the supply chain

Lab Session #9 – Purchasing practices

Lab session #8 – Living wage due-diligence

Celebrating two-year anniversary Living Wage Lab

The Living Wage Lab celebrates its first birthday

Living Wage Lab meets at Verstegen Spices & Sauces

How to start your own Living Wage project

Diversified Diets a Must for Zambia