Efficient marketing strategies for sustainable products: Learn from Fairphone, Bionext Organics and others

After 2 years without face-to-face meetings, the Lab filled a room with companies and Civil Society Organisations to discuss one central question: what are the key elements of a successful marketing strategy for sustainable products? You can now replay the session, and below, find out how to participate in the next one!

Okay, you’ve set your company’s impact goals and tweaked your business model to get there. You’ve definitely done the hardest part, and we’d love to say that from here on out, all will be fine. But working closely with companies has shown us that there is a long way to go in engaging consumers and, more importantly, partners who can help you get there faster.

That’s why it only made sense that after the previous session of the Living Wage & Income Lab, in which we discussed sustainable business models, we moved on to discussing effective ways to communicate your sustainable mission and engage the people around you. To that end, we brought together experts from Fairphone, the first company in electronics to support a supplier with a living wage; Bionext, bringing the perspective of decent salaries and prices from the organic market; Wakuli, using specialty coffee to lift farmers out of poverty; and Kumasi Drinks, which is marketing juice made from cocoa pulp, part of the fruit commonly discarded by the Big Choco industry.

This hybrid session began with an insightful talk that was recorded and can be watched here. Following, an offline workshop led by Linda Klunder, from Kumasi Drinks, anticipated their first marketing campaign that will take to the streets across the Netherlands soon. From a group tasting, Lab participants reflected on how visual elements, product quality and the actual product impact played their part in convincing consumers. A nice exercise to reignite the flame after 2 years years without in-person meetings, and to warm up for the next 2 sessions that’ll follow later this year.

Do you want to join the audience, or share your company’s experiences? Write us at mariana@fairfood.org.

Rather read the sessions main take-aways? We gathered them for you here!

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