Join us in December: Elevate your living wage project with quality data

Mark your calendar for the final Living Wage & Income Lab session of 2023!

On December 11th, we’re back at the Social Impact Factory, in Utrecht, to look at social sustainability through the lens of data. For that, we’ll draw on the expertise of the WageIndicator and FNV Mondiaal, and see first-hand ISEAL‘s work on credible demands for living wages.

We will end the year with great news! The last session of 2023 gives the floor to the ISEAL team to reveal what’s in the soon to be launched guidance document ‘Making credible living wage claims: A framework to guide practice’, a joint effort with IDH. The document brings clarity for companies on how to conceptualise, develop and deliver credible claims about their actions and work in the living wage space. As companies strengthen their work to tackle pressing issues such as poverty, decent work or the climate emergency, the desire to make claims about their actions and progress is rising. But it is important to ensure that claims – by individual companies and schemes that partner with them – are credible, transparent and trustworthy.

Transitioning from claims framework to the data needed to back these claims, the WageIndicator Foundation joins us to show their work in collecting, analysing, and sharing information on Actual Wages, Minimum Wages, Living Wages, Labor Laws, Gig and Platform Work, Collective Agreements, and much more. You may ask yourself, are companies really using their published benchmarks when developing strategies to tackle poverty? To answer this question, FNV Mondiaal comes in to illustrate the crucial role of quality data in supporting living wage efforts and reinforcing the credibility of agri-food companies’ claims and commitments – in light of new regulations such as EU Deforestation Regulation and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

What you’ll learn

  • What makes a sustainability claim reliable?
  • Available living wage benchmarks and how they can shape your strategy.
  • How these benchmarks can influence corporate decision-making and foster inclusive purchasing practices worldwide.


  • Vidya Randan, ISEAL
  • Billie Wilcox Broke, ISEAL
  • Paulien Osse, WageIndicator
  • Fiona Dragstra, WageIndicator
  • Ruben Korevaar, FNV Mondiaal

Mark your calendar

When: December 11th, 1-3 PM (CET)
Where: Social Impact Factory, Utrecht
Address: Vredenburg 40, 3511 BD Utrecht

Register here.

The session won’t be recorded or broadcasted

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