The lab is back: Picking up from where we left off

The lab is back, now as the Living Wage & Income Lab, and it’s time to address living wages and incomes in the agri-food sector.

After a turbulent year that locked us in our homes, this November 2021 we will be back together in a physical setting. Once again, the lab will have producers, retailers and other key stakeholders in the agri-food sector working together to come up with innovative solutions to tackle low wages/payments in global supply chains. After all, not only did the COVID-19 pandemic distanced us, but also did it increase disparities around the globe. As poverty levels rise, it becomes more urgent to address the problem of living wages and incomes in the agri-food sector. So, expect new workshops, networking and co-creation.

After 5 years working together with Hivos, the lab is now relaunched exclusively by Fairfood within the RECLAIM Sustainability! Programme, a 5-year strategic partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foster inclusive and sustainable value chains. We say farewell and big thanks to our dearest partner Hivos, co-founders of this initiative who played a big role in creating this community of innovators.

To pick up where we left off, we recommend watching again the big celebration of the 5th anniversary of Living Wage & Income Lab. And checking out what happened in previous editions in our “News” section. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the upcoming Lab events and collaborate to build fairer and more sustainable supply chains. 

Do you want to join the Lab? Or never miss an update about our activities? Then please send an email to Mariana Broitman at

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